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The Dane Undivided team has started podcasting. And today I'm excited to announce the official podcast launch of Test All Things, my very own show. There are more shows in the offing that will be hosted by other DU team members. But my show is the first to drop.

Test All Things, will take a decidedly non-partisan approach to examining many of the challenges we face in Dane County. The show will cover topics relevant to all Dane County residents. So, no matter where you identify on the political or ideological spectrum, you're invited.

From the political to the social, from the psychological to the spiritual, I'll cover important layers of the Dane County experience that you likely won't find discussed elsewhere. My aim is for us to explore impactful topics, consider crucial angles, and pursue solid truth together, no matter where it leads us. Some subjects will likely be controversial, others impactfully practical. We may not ultimately agree about everything. No one agrees about everything...or even most things. But, contrary to widespread opinion, disagreeing can be extremely healthy and useful. And it sure doesn't mean we have to despise each each other. Instead, let's:

  • enjoy compelling dialogue

  • become better informed

  • consider viable solutions

  • build stronger relationships

  • restore a long-lost but desperately needed culture of true Dane County neighborliness

Be warned...!

You'll need to bring an open mind. For real.

I may be soft-spoken, but testing all things means testing all things...and that won't always be easy or comfortable, no matter your perspective. In fact, my hope is we're all going to get stretched in some new ways. I look forward to considering valuable viewpoints and sharing interesting material that we can all use to make a difference in this place we call home...Dane County.

Episode 01 of Test All Things is now accessible/streaming on several platforms, and Dane Undivided will likely add more locations over time. For now, you can find my show on Apple iTunes, PodBean, Rumble, Brighteon, and Vimeo.

We'll also be building a page here on the website soon, so that you can always find the show here, along with others that will launch. Watch for that change to our site in the near future. Also, we're going to open up comments on this site for podcasts, another change for us. So, keep an eye out for that, too. For now, if you want to leave a comment, feel free to do that on any of the platforms mentioned above. I'd love to hear what you think!

For now, I've embedded a PodBean player, below, so you can easily take a listen to Test All Things, Ep 01 - Undividing Dane County. It's just a short 10-minute introduction to the show, but it contains some valuable ideas about how to build dialogue with people who don't necessarily agree with you.

Enjoy this first few minutes of a new and hopefully mutual adventure. More soon...

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