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Our Mission Statement

In our desire to love our neighbors as we have been loved, we vigilantly stand watch over Dane County. We actively look for and detect threats to our civil liberties and to the vulnerable among us. We light signal fires to warn others of present and future dangers. We scrutinize the actions of our public servants and expose those who fail to represent us. We guard our children from the influence of falsehoods, immorality, and harmful behaviors. And we empower citizens to stand against injustice and fight for freedom.

Our Perspective and Philosophy

Live Freely and Without Fear


As Dane County citizens who come from diverse walks of life, we reject partisanship and false division. We seek instead to build connection and common ground with any concerned Dane County citizens or citizen organizations who desire to live without fear and promote the principles of an open, voluntary, civil society

Love for our fellow citizens arises not only out of a healthy respect for our differences but also an understanding that each person possesses inherent value. Any definition of "loving our neighbor" that promotes fear, intimidation, shame, division, manipulation, or subjugation in the name of "public good" is false. Any person, public office, corporation, or non-profit that promotes such a definition lacks credibility and merits scrutiny as to underlying motives.

Embrace Truth, Insist on Accountability

A common standard of morality, rooted in objective truth, remains necessary to a cohesive, civil society. Without this essential common ground, we lack a healthy and necessary foundation to resolve or even productively discuss our differences or grievances.

All too often in Dane County, local officials and media outlets pass off perspectives, opinions, and straight-up falsehoods as truth in order to advance political and social agendas that pit us against one another. Perspectives and opinion are relative. Lies are simply lies. Propaganda is manipulative and controlling. Objective truth, however, while sometimes difficult to identify and challenging to confront, does exist and should always be sought; it is a true North Star, able to help us navigate wisely in any and all situations.


Because local government acts in our name, we each have a personal responsibility to monitor and hold it to a high standard of truth and moral accountability. When the government we elect to serve us abuses its power, we must step in to reassert the proper limits of its authority. We have a similar duty to monitor influential entities that partner with local government, including private corporations, non-profits, and local media outlets. 

Stand Up, Speak Out, Don't Give Up

For too long, most of us have been cowed into a silence that must now end. Undividing Dane County requires personal courage and perseverance on the part of every resident. The answer is us.

Courage is a muscle that must be exercised to grow strong. Courage doesn't mean we won't feel fear or anxiety over confronting the challenges in front of us. Rather, it means squarely assessing our circumstances, pursuing a higher purpose, and acting to change the current course of this county in spite of our fears. 

We've run out of time to kick the can down the road in Dane County. It's time to find our voices, take a firm stand, and--in love, grace, and determination--commit ourselves to throwing off wrongful division, harmful compliance, and deadly silence. 

Creating Change Is Easier Together

The division we've too long accepted ends when we say it ends. At Dane Undivided, we're ready to fight for an unafraid, freer, friendlier Dane County. Are you...? Join us! One person holding a candle can cause the darkness to retreat. When we all light a candle and come together, the darkness doesn't have a chance. Sound hokey? Maybe. But is it true? Definitely!

Interested in learning more about how you can take a stand...? Keep an eye on our blog!

Also, we'd love your input. Do you know of Dane County stories that ought to be told? Have you found Dane County residents or businesses bravely taking a stand? Have you spotted corruption or fraud that needs to be exposed? Whether you're a citizen journalist, a local business owner, a government whistleblower, or someone else with a compelling story to tell or information to share, we'd like to hear from you

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