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We're Back!

For the last several months, personal circumstances regrettably necessitated that the Dane Undivided (DU) team take an extended hiatus. Each of us encountered challenges that required our undivided attention. We definitely hadn’t given up when we went silent in mid-June. Nor had we run out of things to say. Quite the contrary. At many points, we have chafed under our circumstances, feeling hamstrung in the face of growing Dane County challenges and risks.

At long last, however, the tide is turning. I finally have some time to write again. A few of my colleagues will likely rejoin me soon. Moreover, we’re working to secure another contributor or two.

So, we'll now begin to speak truth again—to our neighbors and to entrenched but corrupt power in this county. We encourage you to do likewise. Dane County is in trouble, and our predicaments are deteriorating rapidly. if we do not all begin to speak truth—respectfully but firmly—Dane County will be swallowed up by polarization, paralysis, incompetence, corruption, and crime. These problems are accelerating so quickly, in fact, that they now threaten to swallow Dane County without immediate course corrections.

DU’s mission continues to center on loving our Dane County neighbors in meaningful ways, via posts that:

  1. expose harmful corruption;

  2. foster informed decision-making; and

  3. encourage principled dissent rather than the false path of “going along to get along"


Because honesty and respect are non-negotiable pre-requisites to true and healthy love—including brotherly or neighborly love. These two qualities have been sorely lacking in the official version of “love” that Dane County muckity-mucks regularly foist on us all. Only in stripping away the lies, rejecting the polarization, resisting the coercion, and confronting the corruption together can we begin to have real discussions on issues that matter. Only in facing the truth of our circumstances—where our current trajectory is taking us—can we begin to function as real neighbors and work with one another to find and pursue viable solutions in this county.

We trust we’ll be able to shed valuable light on key issues, whether they are matters you’re already aware of or not. We hope what we share will provide openings to talk to others. Shoving things in people's faces is not our goal. Nor should it be yours. Rather, rather we will aim to provide material that enables you to pose amicable questions and start important conversations about what's happening, why, and how to work together to make a meaningful and lasting difference.

We're working on a bunch of posts.

Stay tuned.

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