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Waunakee Schools Push Mask Propaganda

Recently, some concerned parents sent Dane Undivided a slide deck about masks that the Waunakee School District had presented to several grade levels of students. The slides contained both highly misleading and outright false information about mask use in schools. The presentation's goal appears to have been to shame and guilt children into greater mask compliance.

You can download a full copy of the slide deck here:

WMS Advisory Slides on Masks 2.2.2022
Download PDF • 1.85MB

Of course, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to provide commentary on the slide deck. Let's just say it was a target-rich document. We invite you to view an abbreviated version of the presentation, with our own narration, below:

In particular, consider the following graph from the presentation, which appears to have been entirely fabricated by...well, someone. The graph suggests that around 75% "proper" mask usage (which, based on other slides in the deck, presumably means wearing the mask over one's nose) would completely eliminate COVID transmission. Hilariously, Waunakee School District data, also shared in this deck, completely invalidates the graph.

Now compare the district's fantasy graph--used to create the impression of mask efficacy--to real-world data pertaining to confirmed pediatric COVID hospitalizations per 100,000. Note that there is no discernible difference in hospitalizations between the State of California, which mandated masks, and the state of Florida, which did not mandate masks.

As we have noted elsewhere, it is time for a serious conversation about the harm that politicized masks are doing to our children.

Do you currently live in the Waunakee School District? Do you know who authored or approved this slide deck? What will you do to stop the district from piling misinformation, fear, and shame on the children in your district--perhaps including your own?

If you live in another district, have you seen similar materials being leveraged where you are?

Let us know!

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