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The Lyon's Den Podcast, Ep 2: Apartment Crime Hell

We all know Dane County crime is exploding. But do you have the facts on just how badly things have deteriorated at some of this county's apartment complexes? It's not a stretch to say that many in Dane County, including a lot of vulnerable women and children, are now in an apartment crime hell. In this second episode of the Lyon’s Den, we’ll briefly look at one of the most problematic apartment complexes on Madison’s East Side.

This brief episode provides the perfect prelude to the Lyon's upcoming September interview with a retired Madison police officer, who has deep insight and a lot more to say on this topic.

NOTE: We apologize for the audio quality in this episode. The issue is already resolved for the next episode. Thanks for bearing with us!

Access episode 2 of the podcast above or on any of the following platforms:



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