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PODCAST LAUNCH: "The Lyon's Den"

Do you feel safe in Dane County?

Are Dane County's leaders doing a good job at protecting your rights?

What's happened to Dane County's justice system that known criminals are back on the street in record time?

Do you know how objective third-parties grade Dane County on crime?

These are four key questions asked by the Lyon in Dane County in the introductory episode of his newly launched podcast The Lyon's Den, a production of Dane Undivided.

Line drawing of Madison skyline with text The Lyon's Den Devouring Truth & Facts in Dane County, a DU podcast
The Lyon's Den Podcast Logo

A podcast for freethinking adults, The Lyon's Den, will take a laser-like focus on Dane County political and social issues. The Lyon aims to lay everything on the table. No partisanship. No lies. No cowardice. He welcomes all thoughts, insights, and opinions as he hunts down the truth of what's actually happening in this county.

"I'm just offering one man's opinion," the Lyon notes. "I want to hear what other people think. I want to devour truth and facts with my audience--see what we can figure out and achieve together."

The first episode of The Lyon's Den is currently available to listeners on Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Rumble, and Brighteon. Show notes with valuable links are available on each of those platforms. We've also provided the episode and show notes below for your convenience. Enjoy...and engage!

Look for more from the Lyon soon!


Man Arrested 3 Time in One Week in March

Middleton Dealership Employee Dies in Shooting over Vehicle Sale

Shots Fired Outside East Side Bowling Alley

Individual Arrested for Stringing Wire Across Madison Bike Path

Woman Sexually Assaulted on Oregon Rotary Bike Trail

Middleton Police Seeking Man Who Exposed Himself to Woman in Laundromat

Officers Injured in Arresting Predator Who Sexually Assaulted Woman and Attacked Two Men

Dane County's Crime Grade:

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