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INTERVIEW: Ret. Det. Bruce Frey on the Nightmare of Madison's Meadowlands Apartments

The Lyon's Den: Devouring Truth & Facts in Dane County; Episode 3 - Retired Detective Bruce Frey: Madison's Meadowlands Apartments and More

In episode 3 of The Lyon’s Den, retired Madison Detective Bruce Frey sits down for a full-length interview focused on the now infamous Meadowlands Apartments on Madison’s far East Side, where drugs, gunfire, brawling, harassment, and other crimes have spiraled out of control.

The first phase of this massive complex opened to renters in late 2022. With alarming speed, it has devolved into a frightening trap for residents and a major boondoggle for law enforcement. Problems have also rapidly spread out from the Meadowlands to surrounding neighborhoods.

Frey, who lives near the Meadowlands, has helped draw significant public attention to this ugly and dangerous situation. He also has extensive past law-enforcement experience in successfully partnering with residents to reduce crime in troubled Madison neighborhoods. Frey is extremely well-placed to share insights on what’s unfolded at the Meadowlands to date, why it’s happening, and how to arrive at the right solutions.

Listen to the Lyon's full interview with Retired Detective Bruce Frey below or on any of the following platforms:



Show Notes:

Indianapolis-based KCG Management's web page for the Meadowlands

KCG Management's initial pitch to the City of Madison for the Meadowlands Apartments:

Madison Planning Commission approves Meadowlands Apartments over objections of area residents:

KCG' February 2021 Invitation to Bid for development of the Meadowlands Apartments:

Local news reporting shows a steady stream of stories on the problems at Meadowlands, starting in at least March 2023, including the City of Madison declaring the complex a public nuisance in April:






Note: While KCG certainly has much to answer for, they're not wrong about how hard it is to evict people here. It tends to be a very long and arduous process.


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