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Dane County Board Set to Pour Gas on Abortion Fire

Just ten days ago, on Sunday, May 8th, terrorists calling themselves Jane’s Revenge—a reference to Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade—broke into and vandalized the Madison offices of the pro-family/pro-life organization Wisconsin Family Action (WFA). They then set the offices alight with one of two Molotov cocktails, the second having failed to ignite. This attack, instigated just blocks from the Dane County Regional Airport, occurred in a decidedly Blue region that regularly prides itself on its high-minded embrace of “civility,” and “tolerance.”

In addition to a coded anti-police symbol, graffiti chillingly spray-painted across the outside of the office building in neat, legible script made the reason for the terrorist attack quite clear: “If abortions aren’t Safe [sic], then you aren’t either.” There’s only one way to read that sentence, the actions behind it, and the additional messaging provided when Jane’s Revenge claimed credit for the act. It was a deadly threat.

Yet on Thursday evening, May 19th, the Dane County Board of Supervisors is poised to pour political fuel on the fire of the very issue that drove the terrorist attack on WFA. In doing so, they will only foster an atmosphere likely to result in further acts of violence against pro-life individuals, organizations, and churches in this community.

How will the board exacerbate matters…? Via 2022 RES-024, a resolution “In Support of Access to Abortion Care” (here's the original language along with revised language proposed by Supervisor Castillo). This ill-conceived resolution was “birthed” by a 7-0 voice vote, during the May 12th meeting of the County Board’s Health and Human Needs Committee, thereby sending the resolution to the full board for a vote and recommending its passage.

One might ask why the board is choosing to involve itself in this issue in this way. Certainly, the further politicization of the abortion issue in this county at this moment demonstrates, at the very least, spectacularly poor judgment. At worst, it is a calculated political strategy that sets the stage for another summer of protest and violence.

This post is not an argument for the pro-life movement. While every member of the Dane Undivided crew is staunchly pro-life, others have laid out those arguments far more eloquently than we ever could. Instead, someone needs to point out the hypocrisy and malevolent foolhardiness of both RES-024 and the Dane County supervisors, who support it.

RES-024's Predictable, Agenda-Driven Propaganda

In light of a now strong possibility that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will overturn Roe v. Wade later this year, RES-024 does about what one might expect. It gins up the same kind of fear about the loss of abortion services that prompted the recent terrorist attack on WFA. In alarmist tones, it pretends that, should SCOTUS overturns Roe, all abortions in the State of Wisconsin would immediately end. In point of fact, the legislative picture for banning abortion in Wisconsin is somewhat complex. We’re likely to see protracted court battles over the issue, here. Anyone paying attention already understands that reality.

RES-024 also adopts the false but now standard argument that abortion is “health care” and asserts the board’s commitment to protect “abortion care” as "a fundamental right."

The Missing Resolutions

Let’s remember…a law-abiding, Madison-based organization was just fire-bombed as “a warning” by pro-abortion terrorists. Those terrorists embrace a persecution complex, assert that their patience has ended, view themselves as being “at war” for their cause, and credibly threaten far more devastating action unless all anti-choice establishments disband within 30 days. In other words, they continue to be a threat to members of this community.


Where is the “rights”-obsessed County Board’s resolution asserting that WFA and the rest of us have a right to live peaceably in this community, despite any and all differences?

Where is the “justice”-happy County Board’s resolution calling for some needed justice for WFA, an organization that was viciously targeted and attacked for its lawful efforts not to harm but to protect human lives?

Where is the “neighbor-loving” County Board’s resolution condemning the fear tactics, violence, and terrorism leveraged by Jane’s Revenge against responsible, decent, and longtime members of this community?

Where is the “tolerant” County Board’s resolution denouncing the dehumanization that always precedes and accompanies violence and terrorism?

You will find no such resolutions on the Dane County Board’s agenda.

Only a resolution designed to foment and exploit more agenda-driving fear that will allow Jane’s Revenge and other groups and individuals like them to feel fully justified in committing ugly acts of violence.

...a resolution that aims to enshrine the “right” to dehumanize and kill the most vulnerable among us, at will and with impunity.

...a resolution that facilitates the regular injury, maiming, killing, and silencing of women who undergo abortion (and considering the resolution’s claim that 1 in 4 women have an abortion, that’s a lot of damage being done).

...a resolution that implicitly insists that government and corporations be permitted to continue cashing in on the killing and maiming of women and babies nationwide, to the tune of approximately $1.7 billion annually (this from a board that regularly pretends it stands for the little guy, the disadvantaged person, the marginalized group, blah blah blah...).

For a county board that emblazons at the top of every single one of its meeting agendas: “Who benefits? Who is burdened? Who does not have a voice at the table? How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?” RES-024 already displays some powerful serious hypocrisy. Oh, but there’s more….

RES-024’s “Equity” Hypocrisy

The board’s majority is constantly making claims and passing measures that Dane County minorities live under constant threat and need a thousand different forms of protection—in order to ensure they’re not taken advantage of or mowed over. Black people are nearly always the first threatened minority mentioned. BLACK LIVES MATTER, right? Well, that’s what the board would have us believe that they believe, anyway.

Their cherished social equity agenda unsurprisingly appears in RES-024, which asserts that “communities of color, low-income communities,” and other minority or marginalized groups would be disproportionately and negatively impacted by loss of access to abortion services. They don’t list or elaborate on those impacts. I guess they just expect us to take their word.

Except, that’s hard to do when you start examining the facts.

The abortion industry that RES-024 venerates kills black babies at a rate far exceeding other races or ethnicities. States are not mandated to report abortion statistics, which complicates a full picture; but pretty much any available numbers, including the CDC’s, clearly show that more than a third of reported U.S. abortions each year are performed on black women. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, African-Americans comprise only about 12.4% of the population. Gee, how’s that for an equity concern? Perhaps only some black lives matter, huh…?

But you won’t hear the Dane County Board talking about those statistics…or the fact that research plainly demonstrates (and those who’ve come out of the abortion industry frankly acknowledge) that targeting minorities and persuading them to pay to kill their own children remains a linchpin of the business. No, they don’t want to look at those facts. Someone should mention these inconvenient truths to the board tomorrow night during public comment. Maybe several someones.

RES-024's “Right to Choose” Hypocrisy

And then there’s the hypocrisy of the resolution’s verbiage that: 1) a woman’s dignity, equality, and autonomy should be ensured, and 2) the “right to choose is a fundamental right.”

Did the Dane County Board of Supervisors ensure a woman’s dignity and autonomy—her full equality as a human being—in openly supporting Director of Public Health Janel Heinrich’s insistence that women cover their faces on command for the better part of the last two years? How exactly was it supportive of any “right to choose” or bodily autonomy to allow Dane County women to be ordered, frightened, shamed, ostracized, and bullied into masking compliance—all under coercive color of law?

Moreover, how precisely did the Dane County Board promote "choice" and bodily autonomy by sitting silently by while Dane County government, corporations, schools, and hospitals told women—also under coercive color of law—that they would lose their jobs if they didn’t accept an emergency gene therapy that hadn't even obtained full FDA approval (and which Pfizer documents now plainly indicate caused significant incidence of both sterility and miscarriage, among other horrors)?

How exactly does the board’s record on these matters square with their insistence that a woman has the right to decide what she will and won’t do with her body—and who can do what to her body? In a nutshell, it doesn’t.

RES-024's Malignant Irresponsibility

Yes, RES-024 is a panacea of hypocrisy. It’s also propaganda, a troubling politicization of issues already ripe for violence, and a prime example of the board majority's malignant irresponsibility and manipulativeness. Consider: In supporting this resolution, the Dane County Board of Supervisors is blatantly signaling who it does and does not value; who it supports and who it won't; who and what it deems worthy of "protection" and who it views as expendable. How does that attitude by county government align with equal protection under the law?

To put it plainly, the board is not just perfectly willing to put WFA's safety at risk. It is willing to compromise YOU. By backing the cause of the terrorists, failing to condemn the acts of the terrorists, and refusing to throw weight behind the organization targeted by the terrorists, the Dane County Board is not-so-subtly placing in the crosshairs anyone who advocates a pro-life stance in this county. That actually means placing all of us in the crosshairs as potential collateral damage. Is that neighborly? Is that true community? Are we all ok with that move?

At Dane Undivided, we're definitely not ok with what the board is signaling. We don't think RES-024 is at all loving toward a single neighbor...not the unborn; not WFA; not minorities or other marginalized members of our community; not pro-life individuals, organizations, or churches who are being set up for future attack; not pro-choice individuals who might find themselves unwittingly caught in the crosshairs of additional pro-abortion terrorism; not law enforcement officers tasked with keeping the peace in this county. NO ONE.

Shamefully, RES-024 currently has at least 23 reliable supporters out of 37 total county supervisors. Those supporters include 20 sponsors (in order by district below), several of whom also serve on the Health and Human Needs Committee (all of whom, noted in boldface below voted to send the resolution to the board for a full vote:

  • Doyle (Dist 1 - Madison), sponsor

  • Wegleitner (Dist 2 - Madison), sponsor, voted yes in committee

  • Eicher (Dist 3 - Sun Prairie), sponsor

  • Hynes (Dist 5 - Madison), voted yes in committee

  • Chawla (Dist 6 - Madison), sponsor

  • Castillo (Dist 7 - Madison), sponsor, voted yes in committee

  • Joers (Dist 9 - Madison), sponsor

  • Collins (Dist 10 - Madison), sponsor

  • Andrae (Dist 11 - Madison and Shorewood Hills), sponsor

  • Palm (Dist 12 - Madison), sponsor, voted yes in committee

  • Xistris-Songpanya (Dist 13 - Madison), voted yes in committee

  • Kigeya (Dist 15 - Middleton), sponsor

  • Wright (Dist 17 - Madison), sponsor

  • Ritt (Dist 18 - Madison and Maple Bluff), sponsor

  • Yang (Dist 19 - Sun Prairie), voted yes in committee

  • Smith (Dist 24 - Monona), sponsor

  • Hatcher (Dist 26 - Middleton), sponsor

  • Huelsemann (Dist 27 - Fitchburg), sponsor, voted yes in committee

  • Doolan (Dist 28 - Cross Plains, Mazomanie, Black Earth, Blue Mounds), sponsor

  • Bollig (Dist 31 - Oregon and Brooklyn), sponsor

  • Bare (Dist 32 - Verona), sponsor

  • Pellebon (Dist 33 - Fitchburg), sponsor

  • Ratcliff (Dist 36 - Cottage Grove), sponsor

This board's majority are so convinced that you and I are stupid and need to be manipulated and ruled that they don’t give a rat’s patoot about either the gaping inconsistencies in their own policies and attitudes or the risks that they’re taking with other people’s lives. Nor do they seem to care just how completely they’ll be shredding their already limited credibility.

It is time to start making them care. But that means showing up. They need to hear from us. They need to know we’re watching. That's the only way they'll finally realize they can’t just say and do whatever they want anymore. Their foolhardiness and hypocrisy ends only when we insist on it.

You can make your voice heard on this and other issues at Thursday evening's County Board meeting by registering for public comment. Instructions for registration can be found on the first page of the County Board’s meeting agenda .

You can also look up and email your own supervisor on this issue—or email them all at once—here.

Let those on the county board who support RES-024 know they're dangerously off track.

In doing so, it's a chance to love your neighbor as yourself.

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