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"How to Be a Vaccine Champion"

On August 9th, 2021, PHMDC published a blog post entitled, "How to Be a Vaccine Champion.” As you might expect, it laid out for readers how they could get people on board to be injected with any one of three highly experimental COVID injectable interventions, approved only under emergency use authorization (EUA).

What if I told you that, by the time they published that post, PHMDC personnel had for months already been tracking Dane County COVID cases among the jabbed (aka breakthrough cases), had regularly discussed their concerns behind the scenes, and privately suspected that the very jabs they were still pushing on the public were failing?

Would you give them a pass on their decision to publish that blog post?

What if I told you that just 12 days before that post’s publication, PHMDC had published a Data Snapshot that quietly noted that recent research at both UW-Madison and the CDC had found no discernible differences in the inferred viral loads of jabbed versus unjabbed COVID-positive individuals...and that those comparable viral loads likely indicated that the jabbed had the same capability to transmit virus as the unjabbed?

Would you think that PHMDC, in possession of such information, should have been out continuing to promote Big Pharma's EUA jabs?

Remember as you read that PHMDC has not just lied to you; they haven't just minimized, reframed, or buried crucial information. Already a serious violation of their statutory responsibilities, those behaviors would have been bad enough. But PHMDC compounded its wrongdoing through its concerted efforts to make you complicit in their lie. PHMDC leadership wanted you out recruiting people to get shots, even after they knew the jabs did not work as advertised...after they had reason at least to suspect that the jabs might pose serious risks.

Evangelizing the Public

So, yes…on to the "Vaccine Champion" blog post. More than just a study in politely disrespecting the choice not to be jabbed; the piece exhorts and instructs the jabbed to use polite (if annoying) social pressure to convert the jab-resistant.

To provide proselytes a more complete tool set, it also refers readers to an earlier, May PHMDC article entitled “How Can I Talk to Someone about Getting Vaccinated?” The May post provides helpful counter-arguments to numerous possible objections, proactively knocking each one down in order to facilitate “honest conversation” with anyone who’s “on the fence” about getting jabbed. Talking points include items such as:

  • Vaccination is important, even if your risk is low

  • The vaccines are new but the science behind them is old

  • The vaccines were rigorously tested, just like all other vaccines

  • There’s no reason to believe the vaccines will have serious side-effects

  • There’s no reason to believe the vaccines will have long-term adverse effects

  • Emergency Use Authorization doesn’t mean the vaccines are less safe

  • There’s no reason to believe the vaccines won’t be granted full FDA approval

  • COVID vaccines do not hurt your fertility [citing a deeply flawed study]

  • You’ll stay healthier if you’re vaccinated, even if you’ve already had COVID

  • You cannot get COVID from the vaccine

  • Refusing to get vaccinated affects all the people in your life

[All emphasis above my own.]

PHMDC had professional responsibilities to know, understand, and communicate both the established science and potential risks, no matter how minor. So, for the agency to make any of the above assertions during the early rollout of new and novel interventions—rapidly approved under EUA and for which no long-term studies existed—demonstrates a complete breakdown in proper judgment. In fact, based on long established science, some of the above talking points could be easily identified as lies or bad practice from the outset. Just for starters, potential risks tend to significantly outweigh the benefits of inoculating those whose threat of serious illness is low. Moreover, vaccination can pose serious risks to those who’ve already encountered a pathogen and developed natural immunity to it. Of course, good luck finding that information since COVID burst onto the scene. But anyone trained in public health for the last several decades had no excuse not to know.

Instead, PHMDC advanced something akin to blind faith in relationship to its actions and policies. Just count how many times the phrase “no reason to believe” is used in the list above. Telling someone there is no reason to believe one thing, simultaneously cues them to have faith in something else. Rather than pursuing public health, then, PHMDC was busily shaping public belief.

Ignoring the Risks

When PHMDC published its “Vaccine Champion” post, Dane County’s jab rollout had been underway for a little over eight months. Evidence regarding safety had been mounting most of that time. Serious questions about efficacy had also bubbled to the surface.

Never mind. Throughout the spring, PHMDC enthusiastically continued to announce federal and state green-lighting of inoculation for younger and younger populations—to whom, let’s recall, the virus posed little or no significant threat:

  • Individuals over the age of 16, suffering from any one or a combination of the approximately 20 serious health conditions (March 29)

  • All individuals over the age of 16 (April 1)

  • Children aged 12-15 (Pfizer only - May 13)

The lack of threat to the young and healthy didn't matter one whit to PHMDC. Nor did it matter that, by July, negative reports concerning jab safety for vulnerable and healthy populations alike had become more than anecdotal. Such reports weren't even that hard to find, despite a ton of information suppression and censorship, and were even being communicated by the Associated Press, America’s largest news agency.

On July 19th, for instance, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s prominent Children’s Health Defense (CHD) pointed to a growing problem with breakthrough cases. Their principle source? A July 12 CDC report, citing 4,492 breakthrough cases that had resulted in death and/or hospitalization. This number no doubt vastly underrepresented the nationwide problem with breakthroughs, as the CDC had changed its definition of “breakthrough” in May to include only those cases resulting in hospitalization or death. [NOTE: The legitimacy and accuracy of COVID-19 testing methods also warrant serious discussion. Moreover, we must now ask whether the jabs themselves were causing breakthrough deaths, rather than COVID per se. But those discussions are for another day. For now, let’s just stick with the information that was available at the time. It’s quite damning enough.]

The CHD article linked to media reports of breakthrough issues in Illinois, Massachusetts (also here and here), and Alaska (also here). In the same article, CHD further shared two additional news items, concerning high-profile breakthroughs among New York Yankees team members and personnel from the rock band Foo Fighters, whose leadership was definitely all in for the jab.

Just 10 days later, a further spate of news stories issued by high-profile media outlets disturbingly hinted that the various COVID jabs were failing and quite possibly leaky. On July 30, for instance, prominent television network NBC pointed to an internal CDC slide deck, first published and discussed by the Washington Post. The documents indicated that breakthrough COVID cases had indeed begun to occur at an exponential rate among the jabbed. CNN similarly reported on the CDC documents, noting that "fully vaccinated people might spread the Delta variant at the same rate as unvaccinated people.”

Wait...WHAT? Weren’t we all told that the whole point of the jabs was precisely to stop infection and transmission? Wasn’t that why we were all constantly hammered about the selfishness and thoughtlessness of the unjabbed…? Because they didn’t care enough to protect the people around them…?

So, if that narrative was shifting, shouldn’t PHMDC finally have raised an eyebrow…?

Nope. PHMDC neither paused nor questioned. It’s leadership continued to push the EUA injectables with gusto. Heck, they're still unapologetically pushing jabs to the present day.

Burying the Truth

It would be tragic had PHMDC simply ignored the major warning signs emerging through national and international governmental and media sources. One could then, perhaps, give the agency's leadership some benefit of the doubt that they were merely negligent in paying attention to information streams. But, as Dane Undivided reported in January (here and here) and February (here and here) of 2022, the agency had been gathering its own concerning breakthrough data throughout 2021.

Here are just a handful of screen shots from internal meeting minutes. We've shared them in previous posts. They speak volumes. They prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that highly-placed PHMDC personnel suspected they might be observing vaccine failure in real time.

These screenshots barely scratch the surface. Yet, with growing evidence all around them, PHMDC personnel ignored, explained away, reframed, or even buried direct knowledge of the evidence unfolding right here in Dane County.

For you to grasp more fully the extent of PHMDC’s corruption on this front, though, it's important to analyze the agency's messaging. Anyone who spends time doing so will quickly discover that it attributed salvific power to the shots. To refuse them was to consign oneself to the ranks of the unclean, the immoral, and the unsaved. The underlying theme of those May and August blog posts? The selfish unjabbed pose a huge risk not just to themselves but to everyone. “Refusing to get vaccinated affects all the people in your life,” reads one high-pressure line from the last section of the May blog post. Condemnation and marginalization of those who hesitated or questioned was the order of the day.

The August "Vaccine Champion" post is no better, noting in its first paragraph: “You may be vaccinated but have friends, family members, coworkers, and others in your life who haven’t yet. It can feel frustrating as a person who is vaccinated to hear people are unwilling to get their shot,” But take heart, the post continues, because “as a trusted person in someone’s life, you are the most valuable resource in encouraging them to get vaccinated." Yes! You could rescue your clueless or outright degenerate friends, family, neighbors and coworkers from their gross moral and ethical failings through the power of your diligent efforts. Go get 'em, tiger!

This messaging wasn’t just floated via PHMDC’s blog. Every release of the Data Snapshot (PHMDC’s regular public data summary) subtly reinforced these attitudes, not just in words but in slanted data visualizations. This approach remained, even after PHMDC had no choice but to admit breakthroughs were occurring. See the text and graphic below, the deceptiveness of which we've already written about here.

Yes, the jabbed, PHMDC regularly assured us, were far better and healthier for their simple sacrifice. The unjabbed only endangered themselves and thoughtlessly burdened Dane County hospitals, clinics, and community. PHMDC both implicitly and explicitly tied the concept of "loving one's neighbor" to taking the jab. The non-compliant unjabbed were not just a problem, they were the problem.

Asking the Right Questions

PHMDC's policies, attitudes, messaging, and efforts all pretended to be intelligent, responsible, ethical, moral...but knowing what I've just shared with you, can one really say they were any of these things? They definitely weren't honest.

As I've noted recently, Wisconsin State Statute 251.05(1)(a) holds PHMDC and every other public health department in this state to "at least surveillance, investigation, control and prevention of communicable diseases, other disease prevention, health promotion and human health hazard control." Where the COVID jabs were concerned, PHMDC certainly surveilled. They investigated (and I haven't even told you the half of their investigations in this post). But when it came to sharing the fullness of what they knew...? In this regard, they utterly ignored their professional and statutory duties. Moreover, based on what they were observing; their suspicions that the jabs were failing; the fact that VAERS reports of injuries and deaths related to the jabs were exploding; that the jabs might actually be leaky? Well, there were plenty of data points, problems, and risks about which PHMDC didn't tell us the truth about or even mention at all. They didn't guard against human hazard control. They asked us all to go out and ensure that more people were potentially putting themselves and others in harm's way. Again, they're still doing it.

Think about that. Think about it hard.

Dane County residents would do well to start asking themselves some serious questions, and discussing the answers amongst themselves:

  1. If PHMDC had reason to suspect that the EUA jabs were failing—and both internal Data Team meeting minutes and the July 29th Data Snapshot indicate that they absolutely did—then why didn't they tell us?

  2. If PHMDC had any reason at all to question whether the jabs might be leaky and thus a threat to the entire community—and the data and other information available to them certainly gave them such reason—why didn't they share that possibility with us?

  3. Why did PHMDC work to enlist all of us in pressuring others to get jabbed, after they knew the shots were likely failing and potentially dangerous?

  4. How should we explain PHMDC leadership's decision to ignore their duty to us, or their insistence on continuing to push on us experimental vaccines that, especially by early August, could no longer be viewed as truly effective or safe?

  5. Are we willing to remain silent and let PHMDC get away with what amounts to a criminal violation of its duties?

There's more to this story. It turns out that, by July, PHMDC had additional direct information that the jabs were failing...yet continued to push false narratives about who and what posed the greatest threat to this county. I will be saying more soon.

Stay tuned...

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