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Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms for Dane County

As if Dane County hasn't gone woke enough, Supervisor Melissa Ratcliff floated a resolution at the May 5th County Board meeting to mandate gender-inclusive bathrooms for county buildings and facilities...and supervisors are poised to pass that resolution at tomorrow evening's June 16th meeting.

That's right...the county is extending its insanity to bathrooms in county facilities. And they're doing it quickly and resoundingly.

The resolution, 2022 RES-025, already has 23 of 37 county board supervisors sponsoring it. Here's the full list of those sponsors:

At first blush, some readers, may not see this issue as a big deal. I mean, the county just wants gender-inclusive, single-stall bathrooms in all of its buildings. Who's that hurting, right...? But the bottom line? This resolution is part of a sustained effort to blur gender lines and ultimately shatter this precious aspect of our God-given identities...including the identities of our children.

Are we all ok with this incremental destruction of who we are and how we live? Are we all ok with doing so for the purpose of making a deeply troubled minority more comfortable? There is such a thing as a tyranny of the majority, yes. But recent times have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is also such a thing as a rampant tyranny of the minority...and this resolution and the initiative behind it are, together, a perfect example of such.

The troubled minority of the human population that struggles with gender identity (much of that misfortune quite literally propagated through the schools and the media) desperately needs our love and help. But let's be clear: Allowing a psychologically compromised minority to believe that the rest of us should structure our lives and identity around their struggles or giving that minority leeway to insist that the rest of us should embrace their dysfunction and an upside-down world...?


This kind of radical "tolerance"--this insistence by a majority of our supervisors that everything be re-labled and restructured for the comfort of a handful of folks who are struggling is neither true tolerance nor sincere neighborliness nor real love. It is a calculated sociopolitical agenda, aimed at destroying what is true and right and good, including healthy self-perception and relationship. Moreover--and I want to be abundantly clear on this point--that agenda is not just at our expense or our children's, but also to the detriment of the troubled souls falsely and exploitatively being held up as modern-day saints of fluid gender identity. These unfortunates are being mightily twisted, trotted out, and used to the advantage of others. That is shameful and morally wrong.

So, this resolution, contrary to the warped view of most Dane County supervisors, is not some benevolent blessing. It is an ugly curse cast on us all, including the vulnerable, confused population it pretends to protect and bolster.


What you can do...

Please contact your county board supervisor, or all of them simultaneously, before tomorrow evening. You can do so from this page. Tell them you expect them to reverse this course and vote no.

Even more powerfully, if at all possible, attend tomorrow evening's Dane County Board meeting in Rm 201 of the City-County Building, and register to provide public comment against this travesty. You don't even have to say much--just that you disagree profoundly with the direction that they're taking. But if you say nothing, they think you don't care.

Why is it important to be in the room, if possible? Because it's a lot harder to ignore you if you're right there in front of them. They've cut us off for two full years, kept us at arm's length. We finally have in-person meetings again. Dane County Supervisors need to know pretty immediately that there are issues we actually care about enough to show up and confront them. If you need to attend virtually, there's a way to do that, too. But in-person is far preferable.

Here's a link to tomorrow night's County Board meeting agenda, which includes information on meeting location, attendance, and how to register to make public comment.

Make it plain to Dane County supervisors that you--the boss of them--have not provided your consent to this travesty...that you see what they're doing and where they're heading, and you, the people that grant them the right to sit in office, do not approve.

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